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Bukidnon Typica Honey by MILALITTRA

Great for espresso, moka pot and coffee maker.

This coffee is an entry from MILALITTRA to the PCQC (Philippine Coffee Quality Competition) 2020.

Due to the pandemic this year the actual ranking and auction didn’t happen, farmers and producers had their coffees stuck in the warehouses. Banking on the quality of the Bukidnon Typica and the consistent success of MILALITTRA in previous competitions, we bought this coffee without having tried it first… and turned out well.

  • It produces creamy, complex and balanced cups of black coffee.
  • It pairs well with milk.
  • It produces tasty espresso shots.

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Coffee information

Bukidnon Typica Honey by MILALITTRA  
Farm & producer MILALITTRA
Roast level Medium dark
Tasting notes Peanuts ・ Dark chocolate
Process Honey1
Genetics Typica2
Origin Miarayon, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines

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  1. In this process, the coffee cherries are partially depulped. Some skin and mucilage remain attached to the bean while drying.

  2. It’s believed that typica coffee started to be grown on what today is Indonesia in the 17th century, then taken to Amsterdam and elsewhere from there. Typica coffees are among the finest, e.g., Jamaica Blue Mountain but are highly susceptible to the coffee leaf rust and other diseases.


MILALITTRA (Miarayon–Lapok–Lirongan–Tinaytayan Tribal Association) is a well-known producer of coffee in the Philippines.

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