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The Philippine Coffee Quality Competition

12 June 2019

The Philippine Coffee Quality Competition is an anual event where the quality of Philippine green coffee beans are evaluated and ranked.

When you buy PCQC coffee, you get to drink good quality coffee, encourage farmers and producers to produce quality coffee! Check our available PCQC coffees here.

What is PCQC ?

The Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC) is an annual competition, the main criteria is the quality of the green coffee beans. The coffee beans are roasted and cupped, i.e., the qualities of the coffee, e.g., flavor, acidity, sweetness, are assessed following a standard protocol.

At AGA Coffee we have been participating in the PCQC to bring the best coffees to our customers and to support the local coffee industry.

This competition is open ONLY to coffees of Philippine origin, submitted by Philippine coffee farmers and producers. The best coffees are put on an auction, where interested buyers bid to get their favorite lots.

At AGA Coffee we care about the Philippines and we are all about coffee, so it is natural for us to support this event.

What are the objectives of the PCQC?

The PCQC aims to improve the quality of the coffee in the Philippines,

  • Identify and promote the best quality coffees in the Philippines.
  • Recognize farmers and producers for their great hardwok. Not only with awards but with premium prices.
  • Make great Philippine coffee available to roasters, cafes, restaurants and consumers.

Since high quality coffee is the result of hard work, it commands higher prices. Which translates into higher income and better opportunities for the different actors in the coffee chain, especially the farmers.

Similarity with other programs

There are other similar programs around the world, like the Cup Of Excellence (COE) organized by The Alliance For Coffee Excellence.

These programs have common objectives.

What has been achieved so far

Nakatabang ang COE nga mo increase ang demand sa mga mamalitay ug sa mga mamaligyaay. Nakatabang usab ang COE sa pag palambo sa ubang lugar nga adunay specialty producers sa coffee.

Nakatabang usab ang COE sa pag discover sa uban nga regions sa lain laing nasod nga dili kaayo known or ilado apan naay high quality of coffee ug producers. Nakatabang pud ang COE sa pag train sa mga farmers kung unsaon ang saktong pag process sa specialty coffee. Nakatabang usab ang COE sa pag pa dako sa production sa specialty coffee ug sa pag increase sa pag recognize sa ubang farmers ug sa pagpasaka sa sakto nga presyo nga makatarunganon para sa mga farmers. Nakatabang usab ang COE nga magka anaay dako or wide range sa mga mamalitay sa specialty coffee dili lang sa pilipinas kung di sa tibook kalibutan nga anaay mga kayutaan sa kapihan. Naka mugna pud sila ug maayong relasyon taliwala sa farmers ug sa mamalitay.

Naka influence pud ang farmers nga na daog sa cup of excellence nga moapil ang uban nga farmers sa specialty production.


The Philippine coffee industry has made strides, not only the farmers joining the PCQC but independent producers and farmers, roasters, baristas and consumers.

We still have a long way ahead but we strongly believe that in a future, not far from now, the Philippines will be recognized for its great coffee.

In 2021, one of our closest partners, Sergio Loon Coffee farm bagged the second place.

Check out the PCQC Facebook page to learn more and check our available PCQC coffees in our online shop.